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Let's Journey Together

on the way to live your best life

Hi, I'm Chris! 


I view therapy as a sacred experience that can help you connect with your highest self and develop your path to healing and growth. Traditional psychology tends to work on solely healing the self, whereas spirituality is more concerned with transcending the self. I believe both are important on the journey toward wellness and fulfillment in life.

I often incorporate mindfulness interventions including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), meditation, and body awareness techniques. Another unique tool I find useful is the Enneagram personality system. Once we determine your "type", we can use this system in therapy to help you develop greater self-awareness and a structure for psycho-spiritual transformation.


Personally, I strive to live by my highest values and consider myself a mindfulness practitioner, LGBTQIA+ ally, advocate for social justice, and eco-sustainability enthusiast.


- Working with men who are looking to improve themselves, have better relationships, and connect with themselves on a deeper and more meaningful level.

- Guidance in how to set effective and compassionate boundaries and develop healthy communication. These skills are major cornerstones of healthy and fulfilling relationships of any kind.


- Helping clients develop skills to work on or heal from unhealthy or traumatic relationships with a parent, either currently or in the past. 

- Supporting people with chronic illness and pain to manage symptoms and work through challenges exasperated by their condition. This may also include addressing past trauma that is often connected to chronic illnesses.

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Ultimately, your therapy will be as unique as you are. To really find out, contact me to schedule a session or ask me any questions. You can also find more info on how I work with insurance in the link below. 

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