Let's Journey Together

on the way to live your best life

Hi, I'm Chris! 


I'm inspired to work with people who are interested in taking a spiritual approach to therapy. I look at therapy as a sacred experience co-created to help you connect with your best self and develop your own path to healing and growing from within yourself.


I use a lot of mindfulness interventions including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), meditation, and body awareness techniques. I feel it is important to enhance your sense of spiritual connection as well as examine how your diet and lifestyle play a role in your wellness. Addressing the mind, body, and spirit makes this therapy uniquely holistic. 




I have been told I have a unique skill for helping people learn how to set effective and compassionate boundaries and for modeling healthy communication. Having boundaries and good communication are major cornerstones of healthy and happy relationships of any kind.

I also have a lot of professional and personal experience helping people with chronic illness/pain manage their symptoms and overcome challenges exasperated by their condition. This includes experience helping people address past trauma that is often connected to chronic illnesses.


I am always inspired to work with men of all orientations who are looking to improve themselves, have better relationships, and connect with themselves on a deeper level. 

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Ultimately, your therapy will be as unique as you are. To really find out, contact me to schedule or ask any questions. You can also check out some free handouts and meditations exercises that I have created in the link below.