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Using Insurance

Using insurance can feel intimidating but I have a system to make it easy!

I offer a free Courtesy Billing service. This is where I submit claims to your insurance for them to apply them to your plan and reimburse you as appropriate. 

How it works:

1. When we decide to work together I will send you a link to my online scheduling and billing service, Simple Practice.

2. From that link you will fill out my intake forms electronically, including your insurance information.

3. When we complete a session, the credit card you have on file will be charged for our agreed-upon rate, and a claim will be sent to your insurance to be applied to your plan. 

4. Your insurance will process the claim and apply it to your deductible or reimburse you for the percentage your plan covers!

At this time I can bill out-of-network to any insurance plan that has

Out-of-network (OON) coverage. 


If you have a PPO plan, your insurance will apply our session fee to whatever coverage you have. (HMO plans are in-network-only plans and don't allow me to submit insurance claims)

Please call your insurance company for any specific questions about how your plan covers OON providers like myself! 

*If you don't have insurance, don't want to use it, or don't have an OON coverage plan, I can apply a sliding scale to my fee based on your income.

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